Warden V1.5

WardenSwap v1.5 The Best Price with built-in Machine Learning

Compare Best Rate Result with the previous version.

We try to convert 10,000 DOGE ➡️ BTCB. In the picture, we see that in the previous version, we route the user to PancakeV2 and Panther. However, for WardenSwap v1.5, we route the user to PancakeV2, Panther, and DODO leading to a better rate. 💪

We try to convert 1,000 CAKE ➡️ BAKE. This time we route the user to two routes, but with a different platform. Thanks to our Depth Best-Rate Search Engine, we found better possible routes. Consequently, WardenSwap v1.5 brings about a better outcome (Yes, save users’ money). 💪

Depth Best-Rate Full Path Search

In the previous version, we need pre-defined paths for Best Rate Query Engine. With the fast-growing market, it is impossible to predefine all possible paths in time. Accordingly, with WardenSwap v1.5, we add a new feature called Depth Best-Rate Full Path Search. In other words, the new Best-Rate Query Engine will walk through all possible paths and return the best one for you! It is done within a second 🚀

Machine Learning on Best-Rate Search Engine

We have our secret algorithm to find the best possible routes in real-time (This part is not open source) with all Liquidity Providers in all Markets (DEXs). To become the greatest of all Liquidity Aggregators, we challenge ourselves to create our algorithm that can compute within only a second!

Finally, we found the solution that makes our dream come true: Using Machine Learning to reduce computation time by saving a lot of Big-O ⚡⚡ (complexity of program).

Every time users trade with us, our smart contracts learn trading strategies (that come from previous best rate results) in real-time. The more trading volume, the better price you get! Yes, that’s legendary, isn’t it?


WardenSwap v1.5 is our new journey to become the Best-Rate Algorithm of all mankind 👽. The Best-Rate engine itself gets better every day owing to secret Machine Learning codes.

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