Licensed Commercial Use Rights

Licensed Commercial Rights for MetaWardenNFT holders.

Since there is a standardized ‘licensed commercial rights’ way to grant the public permission to use the creative work under copyright law, so what can I do with my MetaWardenNFT I have purchased?

The purpose of the license is to ensure that creators receive credit for the work they have done. Every Creative Commons license is valid worldwide.

In general, we should expect that everything we see or read offline and online is copyrighted unless specified with specific permission. Otherwise, any commercial action taken to distribute, remix, adapt, or build upon the work may infringe on the work’s copyright.

The good news is MetaWarden community can worry less about the restriction!

We seek to maximize MetaWardenNFT’s holders’ benefits to strengthen the community. As a licensor, we choose to grant additional permissions and decide how NFT’s holders would use our work.

  • Whether the work is allowed for commercial use?

  • Whether derivative works are allowed?

…and of course, the answer is ‘Yes’!

There are 2Gs as the requirements to make use of the work for commercial use:

1st G — Get permission

Before taking any action for commercial use make sure you get permission to do anything with the work. Open the ticket via discord to get written permission here

2nd G — Give Credit

Always give credit to MetaWarden as an original creator.

Note: Any new work made will be under the same license terms, meaning that all works created by licensees/holders will be under MetaWarden’s brand. Licensees must give credit to the licensor, maintain copyright notices on all copies of the work.

How to request the rights to use MetaWardenNFT for commercial use?

  • Show your MetaWardenNFT ownership by providing us your wallet address and NFT’s ID to verify your ownership via the ticket request channel on discord.

  • Propose your ideas of how you would use the artwork and go with your plan!!

  • Get a chance for your work to be promoted on Warden Official platform and explode your sales.

In summary

If you are one of the MetaWardenNFT holders and come up with a great idea to enhance the work. There is a space for you to play here. Express your creativity under the MetaWarden brand.

For commercial use

  • You are the owner of the artwork purchased and allow to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon your work, even commercially, as long as you ask for permission and credit MetaWarden as an original creator. The request for commercial use right on each case cannot be transferred to a third party.

For non-commercial use

  • You are the owner of the artwork purchased and allow to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon your work freely for your personal use. There is nothing to worry about.

Legal information

Claims of Copyright Infringement

  • Intentionally avoiding the requirements mentioned above to make use of the work is considered infringed on copyright on the brand.

  • Using a third party’s work for his/her own commercial use is considered infringed on a copyright of the brand and violates the third party’s rights.

MetaWarden Licensed type: CC BY — Credit must be given to the MetaWarden, as a creator.

The most permissive license we could issue to NFT holders under MetaWarden’s brand is a Creative Commons (CC) license, which is one of several public copyright licenses that allow for the free distribution of a copyrighted “work.”

In the huge and increasing digital commons, there is a standardized means to provide copyright licenses to their creative work. Artwork can be copied, distributed, changed, remixed, and built upon, even commercially as long as you get permission and credit MetaWarden as an original creator.

Creator’s ownership and rights on the art.

The owner recognizes and agrees that the artwork/NFT is solely the work of the creator. All legal rights, including all intellectual property rights, titles, and interests in and to the underlying Art, are owned by MetaWarden. The license is only to authorize the owner in a particular manner but does not assign, license, or otherwise transfer any rights to the owner in the artwork.

Termination of the rights

This license is only valid as long as the holder retains ownership of the purchased NFT. If the holder sells, trades, donates, gives away, transfers, or otherwise disposes of the purchased NFT for any reason, the License will automatically expire without notice and the rights shall be passed to the new owner along with the purchased NFT.

The owner is no longer qualifies and no longer benefits from the rights given by this license by selling the artwork to a third party. Any use of the artwork after its disposal shall be considered to be an infringement.

Governing law

The validity of this license, terms, and conditions, as well as the creator’s and owner’s rights, shall be regulated, construed, and enforced in accordance with international law.

Disclaimer: Any changes regarding Legal licensing of MetaWarden can be made without further notice.

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