Audited by Valix

Lately, we have implemented WardenSwap v1.5 called Aegis. Aegis is the first on-chain machine learning technology that automatically finds the best rate swaps for users. However, the work is not yet done. One of the must-improve is to lower gas use while swapping. And, that was the way the Aegis L2 was born.

Aegis L2 is the extended version of Aegis focusing on optimizing gas use for the Ethereum Layer 2, for example, Arbitrum and Optimism. We have achieved both the best rate swap and the best gas usage.

Nonetheless, the security of our users’ assets is another paramount. In this article, we are delighted to announce that we have already reached that milestone. Our smart contracts have been officially audited and verified by Valix Consulting 🚀. Here you can find the audit report 📝.

What is Valix Consulting?

Valix Consulting is a blockchain and smart contract security company offering a wide range of cybersecurity consulting services. Valix has experienced security experts who have both technical expertise and DeFi industry knowledge 🕵🏻‍♂️. You can find their security expertise by checking out Valix’s medium.

With the expertise of Valix Consulting, we have chosen the Valix auditing service to assess the security of our smart contracts, Aegis and Aegis L2. We have collaborated closely with Valix’s security experts to secure our platform and users’ assets.

The Highlights of the Audit Report 📝

Valix Consulting has found no critical, high, or medium issue on Aegis and Aegis L2 💪. Only nine low and ten informational issues have been found. We already remediate thirteen issues and acknowledged six issues according to Valix experts’ recommendations.

The following points out the highlights of the report.

  • Potential Stealing of Leftover Ether and WETH

Risk: Low

Issue Status: Fixed

Description: The leftover Ether or WETH locked in the Aegis or Aegis L2 contract can be stolen if a rogue contract is assigned to the state variable weth.

Recommendation: Updating the affected functions to verify that the Ether or WETH is still in the balance after the Ether wrapping or unwrapping process.

  • Potential Lock of Ether

Risk: Low

Issue Status: Fixed

Description: The receive function can receive Ethers from the EOA (Externally Owned Account) wallet, resulting in the lock of Ethers by mistake.

Recommendation: Enforcing receiving only the Ethers from the WETH contract.

  • The Split Volume May Be Inconsistent With The Actual Amount

Risk: Low

Issue Status: Fixed

Description: The affected functions do not check the sum of percentage volumes which may lead to an accounting issue when the percentage of split volumes and the actual token amount are unmatched.

Recommendation: The amountForThisRound variable should be calculated to be consistent with each split percentage from the _volumes variable.

Summary ✨

To summarize, WardenSwap’s Aegis and Aegis L2 features have thoroughly been audited by Valix Consulting. Users can ensure that our smart contracts are secured for swapping tokens. Nevertheless, the Warden team will not stop improving our platform for better security.

We would like to thank Valix Consulting for working hard to improve the security of the WardenSwap platform. Moreover, we would like to appreciate our Wardeners for trusting in and supporting our team and platform 🙆‍♂️. And, we will work tirelessly to improve WardenSwap in order to make it be the safer platform.

Enjoy the best rate swapping 🎉

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