WAD Token

Basic Information

Token Name : Warden Token

Token Symbol : WAD

Decimals : 18

Contract Address on BSC: 0x0feadcc3824e7f3c12f40e324a60c23ca51627fc Contract Address on Ethereum: 0x0B6F3c17e1626a7cBfA4302CE4E3c45522d23A83

Contract Address on Arbitrum: 0x6374D87C5A48c41b309a1Ab7b12EEB4fE30D8d8a

Contract Address on Optimism: 0x703d57164ca270b0b330a87fd159cfef1490c0a5

Token Distribution

WAD token max supply is reduced from 320,000,000 WAD to 200,000,000 WAD.

‘WAD Official Token’ is now on Ethereum Network and will be distributed to other Layer 2 Rollups.

By distributing WAD tokens on Ethereum, Venture capital (VC) will be able to provide funding to WardenSwap platform which will ensure long-term growth and profitability.

However, WAD token on BSC will be bridgeable to Ethereum and other layers 2 rollup chains via AnySwap (The Token Bridging is in the process).

Reducing total max supply effectively increases its relative scarcity.

WAD token reserved for the team remains the same and other reserved are breaking down into many segments for better illustration.

  • The total WAD token max supply is 200,000,000 and the difference of 120,000,000 will be burned.

  • Team funding on BSC will be burned and reserved on Ethereum instead.

  • The reservation for marketing, partners, advisers and are added up.

WAD token Utility

Best Rate AI Swap: One of WAD holders' privileges is to get trading fee discount in every swap depending on the Trading Fee Scheme.

For the Governance: Warden token holders can soon influence decisions concerning the project such as proposing or deciding on new feature proposals and even changing the governance system itself. In the initial phase, governance decisions will be made on Snapshot. MetaWarden: WAD token is used for our NFT and MiniGame ecosystem. The project aims to boost the growth of WardenSwap's community and Tokenomic in the long run. MetaWardeners can use WAD token to participate in both projects. Such as to mint NFT, to use in Mini-Games and etc. https://www.wardenswap.finance/nft/

Other: Warden token holders will decide in the future.

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