Our SDK does not offer the testnet environment for testing. However, you can utilize Tenderly for testing in the simulated fork from mainnet.

How to Test?

  1. Register Tenderly and follow the instruction on creating a fork in the document here: https://docs.tenderly.co/simulations-and-forks/how-to-create-a-fork

2. Configure the RPC URL to Metamask. Read more here: https://www.notion.so/Metamask-Tenderly-14528949e83c42f4b24b6e0a44a6badf

Use the URL below for the RPC, replace {{forkID}} with your fork ID from the URL.


3. Switch Metamask Network to your configured Tenderly. Make a transaction and the result will appear in the Tenderly forked transaction page. (Not bscscan)

With Tenderly, you can use metamask to perform a simulated transaction without losing any actual tokens.

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