MetaWarden NFT

What is MetaWarden NFT?

MetaWarden NFT is a limited functional NFT collection of 3,000 NFTs on BSC, giving owners a lot of exclusive membership privileges throughout roadmap activities.

MetaWarden NFT operates alongside WardenSwap’s primary product, best price perpetual swap, by combining the beauty of art with the best and most important part of deep tech. This is aimed to boost the circular economy alongside WardenSwap’s core product.

About the artist:

The artist’s greatest passion is to inspire and teach the meaning of art to others. More than 300,000 social media followers are in love with her doodle arts.

Every MetaWarden designed by PannPam: was delicately sketched with her passion to become the most adorable NFT.

Why MetaWarden?

MetaWardenNFT is more than just an NFT but an iconic symbol that will play an important role in Metaverse where it will create a strong circular economy.

MetaWarden’s NFTs are designed to be functional NFTs. The benefits for membership will be given throughout our roadmap activities including:

1 Unique profile pictures Show off your exclusive profile pictures on social media or even offline!

2 Trading fee discount The holder is entitled to a discount based on the type of NFT with the highest discount on hand.

*The discount on different NFT cannot be Top-up.

3 Special privileges on Minigames (play for rewards & burning system) To enhance the experience for NFT holders, WardenSwap has developed Minigames for NFT holders to play for prize competitions. The minigames are scheduled to be released in Q1/2022.

*A portion of the proceeds will be reserved for $WAD burning program.

4 Rarity score system The NFT properties with rarity score calculation will be used on future partner platforms such as Game, Metaverse.

5 Exclusive privileges in Metaverse MetaWarden NFT will be involved on our own and our partners’ Game and Metaverse platforms. Holding MetaWarden will be like a passing ticket to those platforms together with special benefits that will be distributed to holders from time to time.

6 Special airdrops Special Airdrops will be distributed to MetaWarden NFT holders from time to time by WardenSwap and our partners.

WARDENners’s community would be able to enjoy, play, earn and trade on our ‘Warden Ecosystem’.

Gacha mechanic

To ensure the fairest distribution of NFTs, Gacha mechanic system was designed to keep gas fees at the lowest rate and distribute MetaWarden NFT to all WARDENers equally.

To prevent chance of luck and bots/Whales from unfairly minting.

A single wallet address can purchase: A maximum of 25 MetaWarden A maximum of 4 Super- MetaWarden A maximum of 2 Golden- MetaWarden

*The number of WAD tokens in your wallet affects your chances of receiving rare MetaWarden.


1. Warden’s Gacha Mechanic Gacha Mechanic was invented in order to ensure fair distribution of products equally. However, Gacha Mechanic system in general still has vulnerabilities for users or bots to take advantage of it. WardenSwap’s Gacha Mechanic has developed the system to prevent the flaws and keep gas fees at the lowest rate.

2. Randomization system The fairness in distributing the NFT is supported by Chainlink VRF that even the developers couldn’t tell what the random number would be. This is to prevent hackers from taking advantage of the random system.

3. Undefined Metadata The un-reveal box and undefined metadata would help prevent anyone from reading the smart contract and peek to see rare items.

On the 27th of November 2021, we will call the Reveal function and update all the metadata. All WARDENers will be able to see their NFT appearances together at the same time no matter how many MetaWarden were minted by the users.

4. Timing for minting The minting time is long enough to prevent the use of Flashbot to block competitors during the minting period.

5. Whitelist Whitelist is first come first serve. No advance booking or any privilege round to reserve the place.

6. Special giveaway As an appreciation from the team, whitelist registers will get a chance to win MetaWarden NFTs Airdrops.

How many MetaWarden NFT are there in total?

There are 3,000 MetaWarden NFT in total: 2,932 MetaWarden NFT will be reserved for public sale on 25 November 2021 30 MetaWarden NFT will be reserved for Warden team. 30 MetaWarden NFT will be reserved for Marketing 8 MetaWarden NFT will be reserved for the auction system.

MetaWarden NFTs are divided into 3 types: 2,670 Common- MetaWarden. 300 Super- MetaWarden. 30 Golden- MetaWarden.

What’s on MetaWarden roadmap?


  • Release 1st Mini-MetaWarden NFT Game

  • Unlock MetaWarden NFT Feature on BSC: Trading fee discount


  • Release MetaWarden NFT on Ethereum

  • Unlock MetaWarden NFT Feature on Ethereum: Trading fee discount

  • Special Airdrops for MetaWarden NFT holders


  • Release 2nd Mini-MetaWarden NFT Game


  • Unlock Community Privileges: MetaWarden NFT Game in Metaverse

  • SSS: Special Secret Surprise!

→ Join our Discord to have a voice on our roadmap.

How the proceeds of MetaWarden NFT project will be distributed?

From the sales proceeds: 50% profit will be reserved for the project management. 50% profit will be reserved for the burning program.

Key Information

Release Date — 25th of November 2021 Designed by — PannPam Total number of 1st collection of MetaWarden — 3,000 NFTs Blockchain — BSC File hosting — IPFS

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