Trading Fee Scheme

Warden improves the values behind the new trading fee scheme that would build WardenSwap’s competitive advantages in long-term growth.

The new trading fee scheme

WardenSwap applies a 0.1% fee. Moreover, the privilege level depends on the number of WAD tokens the users hold. There will be a significant increase in the number of ‘Fee Collectors’ which will be later used to enhance token holders' power.

9 levels of new trading fee scheme:

This new trading fee scheme consists of 9 levels. Anyone who holds WAD tokens in a certain amount will get a discount on every trading as follows:

Buyback Program

After the new trading fee scheme is effective, there will be more ‘Fee Collectors’ flowing in the platform constantly. The first 1 million dollars of ‘Fee Collectors’ from new ‘trading fee scheme’ will be used for buyback program which aims to add liquidity to WAD tokens.

With this healthy growth, Warden’s Tokenomic will be able to stay strong and able to find its way back to the community. This is to support long-term price stability and sustainable growth.

The key to a strong future for all WARDENers is the “sustainability in Warden’s ecosystem” .

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