WardenSwap V1.5 “Aegis”

Warden team envisions a world where all walks of life can access financial services. This is a worldwide problem as hundreds of millions of people globally have no checking or savings bank account. We have been working nonstop to be the best DEX aggregator, providing the best for all users, and assuring the benefit to all Warden Token stakeholders.👽

Aegis is LIVE! 🛡️

WardenSwap aims to be the world-leading DEX aggregator in the future since our Machine Learning learns Trading Strategies really fast.

Prior to WardenSwap v1.5, we developed Best Rate Engine by creating 244 Trading Strategies in v1.0.

After 1.5 months since our launch WardenSwap v1.5 in mid-June 2021, it has already learned 11,172 Trading Strategies on BSC and 1,116 Trading Strategies on Polygon (MATIC) Network.

In just a month, our algorithm became 49.36 times smarter!

Warden team has been working tirelessly to provide a trading experience, and we are so proud to launch the new version of a stronger, smarter, and more powerful machine learning: WardenSwap v1.5 Aegis The Best Price Swap with built-in Infinite Machine Learning.

And yes. We’re still the first platform that implements Machine Learning on Smart Contract 🔥

WardenSwap v1.5 Aegis The Best Price Swap with built-in Infinite Machine Learning.

What is Aegis?

Warden team takes ‘WardenSwap v1.5 The Best Price with built-in Machine Learning to the next level. The new version of machine learning, which we’ve nicknamed “Aegis”, is smarter, more responsive, intuitive, and powerful.

With Aegis, we are continuing to break the boundaries of what traders would expect from the DEX aggregator experience by improving our machine learning to learn even faster, the same as how a MacBook has a more dynamic processor.

Its genius will calculate and find you the best rate. No matter how hard and complicated it is.

Compare Best Rate Result with the previous version

Example 1

We try to convert 1,000 DOT ➡️ BAKE. In the picture, we see that in the previous version, we route the user to PancakeV2 and Bakery. However, for WardenSwap v1.5 Aegis, we route the user to DODO, Biswap, and Bakery leading to a better rate. 💪

Example 2

We try to convert 100 BNB ➡️ WAD.

Clearly, with WardenSwap v1.5 Aegis, WardenSwap splits BNB into 60:40 and trades 2 groups of BNB simultaneously to reduce the effect of high price impact and find you the truly best rate.

Split Trade on WardenSwap V 1.5 Aegis


In the previous version, we added the feature called the Depth Best-Rate Full Path Search.

we keep going to improve the way for our users to get the best rate. Accordingly, with WardenSwap v1.5 Aegis, we add a new feature called Split Trade.

What’s the Split Trade feature?

Best-Rate Query Engine will find all possible paths and return them for your trade, The engine doesn’t only choose the best path for your trade but to determine other paths that are most suitable for your overall trading volume. 🚀

Why Aegis?

If you are a fan of Dota, you will be heard of Aegis of the Immortal. It is an item in Dota Allstars and Dota 2. Aegis of the Immortal can only be obtained by slaying Roshan (drops upon his death).

Any hero with Aegis can revive at full health and mana. Just like you! With Aegis, you will win at all trades on the market.

We really hope you enjoy Aegis, our new machine learning version!

“Aegis” Is Live! 🛡️

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