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Without any development effort, you could be our partner to bring people to our ecosystem and receive the fee sharing returned to your partner wallet.

  1. Apply to be our partner via form here.

  2. Soon you will receive the Partner ID, for example, number 9999.

  3. Put your Partner ID number into the link as below.

Whenever a user makes a swap through the URL with your Partner ID in URL, you will receive a fee returned to your specified wallet for each transaction.


It is possible to set the default configuration for the users from URL parameters as well.

Default Network

  • network=bsc for Binance Smart Chain

  • network=polygon for Polygon Network

  • network=arbitrum for Arbitrum Network

Default Tokens

  • from=0x... for setting user default paying token

  • to=0x... for setting user default receiving token

  • The list of available tokens and addresses can be found here

For example, if you want the default page to be swapping BNB to receive WardenSwap token on BSC, you can use this URL.

And the destination will set the default tokens for you. ๐ŸŽ‰

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